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Specific Plans and Urban Design

Dyett & Bhatia has extensive experience with station area, downtown, corridor, and community specific plans, and has prepared plans for some of the most vibrant and transformed districts in California. Examples include the award-winning plan for the 1,500-acre Downtown San Diego, which is shaping the area into one of the most energetic and integrated live/work communities in the state; since the plan's inception, one out of every hour housing units build in America's eighth-largest city has been built downtown. D&B retained by the State of California to prepare the Capitol Area Plan for the 45-block State Capitol Area in Sacramento, transitioning the district to a mixed-use, vibrant, community and guiding the largest public office development in state history. Our Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan is leading to the largest increase in housing around a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in the Bay Area, repurposing an older industrial district for contemporary uses. 

Current and recent work includes transit-oriented planning around six stations–and zoning for all stations in the city–for Honolulu's new urban rail system, the largest urban rail system currently under construction in the Western United States; Mission Valley Community Plan for San Diego to transform 1960s-style commercial district into walkable neighborhoods, connected to San Diego River and the trolley system while adding 50,000 new residents (See San Diego Union Tribune's Mission Valley OK'd for Massive Overhaul ) several downtown plans; specific plans around BART stations in infill and new extension settings; Sonoma Developmental Center Specific Plan for the shuttered State-owned 900 acre campus in the Sonoma Valley; and corridor plans to transform older commercial corridors into vibrant mixed-use community spines.

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