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Community Engagement

Dyett & Bhatia is committed to collaborative, participatory planning, with expertise in a wide variety of in-person and digital engagement techniques. Our community outreach programs are inclusive, results-oriented, and designed to leverage resources for maximum effectiveness, while building community ownership and buy-in. We routinely facilitate in-person and online interactive meetings with participation in the hundreds, and online activities with participations in thousands.


Dyett & Bhatia has broad experience with large-format community workshops and open houses, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, interactive visioning exercises, "go to them" meetings, outreach to disadvantaged communities, simultaneous multilingual outreach, etc. We are adept at ensuring that people's voices are heard, participants are able to contribute effectively and meaningfully in often compressed time frames, and results are clearly synthesized and are actionable.


Breakfast Ideas


Dyett & Bhatia has extensive experience in online community engagement, with in-house expertise with web design, managing mailing lists, etc. In the present COVID-19 situation, we have conducted virtually the entire spectrum of large and small-group engagement online, including virtual Advisory Committee meetings, live interactive townhall meetings and webinars, digital storybooks and walkthroughs, as well as narrated presentations and videos. Some examples of these are shown below.

Fairfield General Plan Alternatives Video

This video provides an overview of the alternatives for the City of Fairfield General Plan Update.

Napa 2040 General Plan Update Virtual Workshop - Jefferson Street Focus Area

This video shows the Jefferson Street Corridor strategies for the Napa General Plan, based on community input from surveys and workshops conducted last year, and input from surveys and workshops.

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Interactive Guided "Walking" Tour

This virtual guided tour is an interactive way to learn more about the history and landmarks of the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC). For more about the SDC Specific Plan, please visit the project website here

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Online Mapping Engagement

D&B has extensive experience with online mapping and surveys. This online survey for University City in San Diego by Dyett & Bhatia generated participation by over 1,600 persons – the highest ever for any done by the City.

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Interactive Virtual Community Workshops

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in community meeting participation, with attendance routinely in the hundreds. D&B has facilitated dozens of large online workshops with small groups breakouts, interactive boards, self-paced virtual story boards, etc. that have facilitated deeper immersion and dialogue than in traditional in-person workshops.

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