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Carson General Plan, Zoning Amendments and EIR

Carson, with a population of 95,000, is located about 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and three miles north of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports—the two busiest ports in the country—located side-by-side in San Pedro Bay. The Alameda Corridor, which is the busiest freight corridor in the country linking the ports to the transcontinental rail network, runs through Carson, and has strongly influenced Carson’s evolution as a center of industry and logistics. Dyett & Bhatia is leading a General Plan update that will chart course for a new era of city buildings that fosters sustainability, community health, equity, and creation of walkable places and neighborhoods. Plan preparation is accompanied by neighborhood-scale bilingual outreach. Alternatives were released for public review in summer 2019, and preparation of a Preferred Plan is underway.



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