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YouTube Campus (Bayhill Specific Plan, San Bruno)

In the summer of 2017, the City of San Bruno hired Dyett & Bhatia to prepare a Specific Plan for the Bayhill district, home to the largest cluster of offices in San Bruno, including the headquarters of YouTube, as well as other office, retail, and hotel uses. The Bayhill district is centrally located in the city, within approximately a half mile of Downtown, City Hall, and the San Bruno Caltrain and BART stations.

As a Priority Development Area (PDA), the Bayhill district represents a significant opportunity for sustainable regional growth by way of investment, job growth, new homes, and community amenities. The Bayhill Specific Plan will outline a cohesive, long-term community-driven vision for this key San Bruno district, and ensure that YouTube’s plans for campus expansion are integrated into an attractive setting that benefits all of Bayhill’s property owners, as well as the broader San Bruno community.

The Specific Plan Area, approximately 92.2 acres, is intended to accommodate and regulate the intensification of office uses while permitting residential development in locations that are compatible with Bayhill’s role as a major employment center. The Specific Plan also allows for expansion of retail/commercial and hotel land uses.

Adopted 2021

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