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Dyett & Bhatia has maintained its expert reputation in zoning since the pioneering work for the Portland (OR) downtown in the early 1980s. Our extensive portfolio of work includes city/countywide zoning regulations, model and special purpose regulations (such as for promoting transit and mixed-use development, managing transportation demand, designing community benefits, and sign and landscaping provisions), and area-specific regulations across the country as well as abroad. Our work blends form, design, performance, and Euclidean approaches to zoning, customized for each community's needs. Examples of recent work include citywide zoning regulations for Santa Barbara and Richmond; countywide zoning for San Joaquin County; mixed-use regulations for San Diego and Portland (OR); and transit-oriented zoning for Honolulu; as well as downtown, corridor, and area-specific zoning in conjunction with our specific plan work. The firm’s zoning work has won national awards from the American Planning Association and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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