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About Us

Dyett & Bhatia (D&B) is a leading California urban planning consulting firm, incorporated in 1975. We have extensive experience in general plans; specific and area plans and urban design, including station area plans, downtown plans, and corridor and neighborhood plans; zoning; environmental review; and community engagement. In recent years we have prepared environmental justice and climate change and action plans for some of the largest California cities. Our current projects are located in all parts of California and in several other western US states.

We believe that plan-making is a collaborative effort, involving a diversity of stakeholders, and we are committed to active community engagement, and considerations of social and environmental equity in planning processes. Our work continues to evolve in response to changing concerns of urbanism; however, our underlying commitment to creativity, excellence, and shaping livable and sustainable places remains unwavering.

D&B has won 13 awards in the last five years alone from the American Planning Association (APA), as well as two national awards from the APA in the last ten years, including for one of California's first Public Health elements. 

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, please send a resume in PDF and any supporting materials (such as work samples or portfolio) to We review all resumes and will contact you if a suitable position is available. We keep resumes on file for six months if a job becomes available that matches your background.



Dyett & Bhatia has a highly-trained staff of approximately 25, with academic backgrounds and professional experience in urban and regional planning; urban design; zoning; environmental planning; urban economics, architecture; graphic design; and public meeting facilitation. Dyett & Bhatia’s technical staff specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography, three-dimensional computer modeling, and computer-aided visualization.



Urban planning and allied disciplines of urban design, zoning, and environmental planning are our focus. Through our work we seek to give form to community aspirations, and foster places that are vital, livable, and reflect environmental stewardship. Our work is place-based – responsive to context, physical and natural settings, economic realities, and community needs. It is directed toward improving the quality of the living environment and promoting sustainable and equitable development patterns.

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