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Fairfield General Plan Update, Climate Action Plan, and Housing Element

Located strategically at the convergence of Interstates 80 and 680, Fairfield enjoys excellent regional access to the rest of the Bay Area, as well as the Sacramento metropolitan region. The city is home to the Travis Air Force base, the busiest passenger and cargo military air terminal in the country, and also serves as the County seat. Over the past three decades, Fairfield has grown through outward expansion. In the coming years, however, growth is increasingly likely to be infill.

Dyett & Bhatia is leading the City of Fairfield’s General Plan update, including an update to its Housing Element, and preparation of a new Climate Action Plan. The General Plan Update will likely help to define the City’s future boundary, examine tradeoffs between outward expansion and infill growth, and reconfirm City policies related to provision of services outside City limits. The General Plan Update will also examine strategies to reimagine commercial centers and corridors as economically viable, vibrant spines for the community; ensure cohesive scale and urban design; and address critical housing needs and affordability. As one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, Dyett & Bhatia’s community engagement approach also includes focused and culturally appropriate outreach to Spanish and Tagalog-speaking communities, as well as other hard-to-reach groups such as the youth.



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