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Dixon General Plan Update and EIR

Situated in Solano County in close proximity to Davis, Dixon is is agricultural town that has seen significant growth over the past two decades. Dyett & Bhatia was hired to help the town chart a course for its future that balances the economic development advantages of growth with the community’s strong desire to retain its agricultural heritage and small-town ambiance. The 2040 General Plan provides a growth management framework that seeks to maintain the green belt of open space and agricultural land that rings the community while facilitating new development in key focus areas within the City limit. The plan incorporates strategies to preserve and enhance downtown character while accommodating new development in anticipation of passenger rail service, and it positions the northeast quadrant, a 643-acre area with ready access to Interstate 80, for job generating that can improve the quality of life for local residents. Dyett & Bhatia also prepared a programmatic EIR for the project.

Adopted 2021

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