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Livermore Isabel Neighborhood Station Area Plan and EIR

Dyett & Bhatia completed a Specific Plan and related EIR for 1,150 acres of land around the proposed BART station of the Livermore extension. The planning area is largely vacant, presenting a canvas to build a new pedestrian- and transit-oriented district from the ground up. The plan provides the framework for a complete neighborhood, support-ing mixed-use development within a sustainable transit-oriented district, preserving the area’s valuable open spaces and views, and create linkages that integrate the new district with the rest of the community. A new network of streets is delineated, and zoning and design standards and guidelines are also included. The plan was adopted unanimously by the City Council; however, with the BART board voting to not extend BART to Livermore, efforts are now focused on a new Valley Link rail system. D&B has updated the Specific Plan and the EIR to reflect the new system; the updated draft and EIR were released for public review June 2020.

Adopted 2020 

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