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Oakland General Plan, Housing Element, Zoning Code Update, and EIR

Located at the geographic center of the Bay Area, Oakland is one of the fastest growing large cities in California. The Oakland General Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for all Oaklanders to work together to craft a visionary blueprint and a new direction for the future of the city – one focused on equity and justice. The General Plan Update is happening in two phases, both led by D&B – Phase I is underway and includes visioning, Housing and Safety elements, and a new Environmental Justice Element. D&B completed the Housing Element in nine months from project start, was certified by HCD review. D&B also prepared a groundbreaking Environmental Justice and Equity Baseline—the most detailed yet produced for any city as part of long-range planning—and other background reports, and is conducting outreach in coordination with a consortium of local organizations. Public review drafts of the Safety and EJ elements and an EIR were released in early 2023, and adoption is expected in early fall 2023. Phase II will include a comprehensive update of the other elements, as well as another full EIR.



Link to project documents.

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