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Environmental Planning

We see environmental planning and assessment as an integral part of planning. Dyett & Bhatia has special expertise in assessment of planning programs, an area we have remained engaged in since our seminal work in assessing land use impacts of BART in the late 1970s — the very first such assessment anywhere. D&B’s work for Contra Costa Transportation Authority formed the precursor to the State’s congestion management and regional transportation coordination legislation. In recent years we have been at the forefront on integrating planning and environmental review processes.


Recent experience includes EIRs on dozens of general and specific plans, as well as regional programs and strategies. We have also developed best practices for issues ranging from significance criteria to designing mitigation measures to maximize subsequent CEQA streamlining.


Our experience includes:

  • General Plan EIRs. D&B leads EIRs on most of its general plans, enabling seamless planning/environmental synergies. We have completed more than 40 general plan EIRs.

  • Specific Plan EIRs. 20 EIRs completed on station area, downtown, corridor, and district specific plans.

  • Regional Transportation Plans. EIRs on three Bay Area Regional Transportation Plans for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the first regional sustainable communities strategy (SCS) for the Bay Area, and EIRs on countywide transportation plans for Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Francisco.


D&B has prepared half dozen climate action plans, often in conjunction with comprehensive general plan preparation.

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