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Moreno Valley General Plan Update, Housing Element, and EIR

Moreno Valley is a dynamic, ethnically diverse community located at the heart of the fast-growing Inland Empire region of southern California. Dyett & Bhatia was hired to prepare a comprehensive update to the City's key long-range planning documents with a particular focus on increasing the range of employment and housing opportunities available within the city. The 2040 General Plan includes strategies to facilitate higher density mixed use development along key corridors and promoting infill residential development throughout the city. It also includes a robust policy framework to guide the revitalization of the Moreno Valley Mall and the creation of a new downtown center at the physical center of the community. As a majority Hispanic community with several State-designated disadvantaged communities, developing a set of goals and policies for environmental justice was a critical component of the project. The Safety Element incorporates innovative strategies to reduce wildfire risk and plan for emergency evacuation under multi-hazard scenarios. Dyett & Bhatia also prepared a Climate Action Plan to address community wide GHG emissions.

Adopted 2021


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