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We give form to community aspirations, and shape vibrant, sustainable, and equitable cities.

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December 2022

In what the press described as “… one of the most ambitious and large-scale redevelopments in Sonoma County history”, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in a marathon nine-hour meeting, adopted a Specific Plan for the shuttered 150-building, 900-acre site – California’s first campus for the developmentally disabled, and until recently Sonoma Valley’s largest employer. The plan will help transform the site, located in one of the most picturesque settings in the Bay Area, into a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use community of several thousand residents, jumpstart economic rejuvenation with nearly 1,000 jobs, and serve as a model of sustainable development. The State of California for the first-time ever partnered with a local community to drive the vision of a State-owned property, through a special legislation passed by the State. Dyett & Bhatia led the Plan and the EIR in an engaging process that routinely saw meeting attendance in the hundreds.

Learn more about the plan here

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October 2022

We made it through 4.5 years of pandemic, wildfires, and other challenges with a glorious, community-driven General Plan for this iconic Bay Area community -- the first comprehensive plan update in almost 25 years. All growth for the next 20 years will be contained within the current Rural Urban Limit, with revitalized corridors, strengthened downtown, Napa River open space enhancements, and a focus on sustainability! 


See the full plan at 


A new benchmark for environmental justice and equity analysis for long-range planning! As part of the City of Oakland's comprehensive 2045 General Plan update,  D&B has prepared an Environmental Justice and Racial Equity Baseline report that identifies and delineates disparities by race and by geography which may be present in the social, economic, and environmental factors that can be influenced directly or indirectly by the General Plan. The findings of this document will serve as the baseline for the Environmental Justice Element of the General Plan, and will enable the City to coordinate interdepartmental efforts to effectively address environmental justice and racial equity.

Read the Report >


A new resource created for the city’s General Plan process is a treasure trove of information on Oakland’s neighborhoods and resources. – The Oaklandside

Read the Oaklandside Article >

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Centered along the San Diego River, Mission Valley is the city’s retail destination, and home to a large number of hotels and offices, as well as residential uses. Development is highly auto-centric and disconnected from the trolley system that extends along the valley. Dyett & Bhatia led the consulting team that prepared an updated Community Plan that was adopted by the City Council in September 2019. D&B also led EIR preparation

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