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Winchester Boulevard Urban Village Master Plan

San José’s General Plan envisions growth clustered in infill “urban villages”, transforming these strategically identified areas into vibrant, higher density, mixed-use districts that promote transit, walking, and bicycling.

Winchester Boulevard is a major north-south vehicular connection that links key destinations in Campbell, San José, and Santa Clara. Centered along a 1.4-mile segment of the boulevard, the Master Plan for this Urban Village, being led by Dyett & Bhatia for the City of San José, seeks to revitalize this key corridor with nodes of high-intensity development, and strategic lower-scaled infill development between the nodes. A variety of outdoor plazas, public art, and parks integrated throughout. Building heights and massing are carefully feathered to minimize impacts on adjacent residential uses.

Winchester Boulevard itself is re-envisioned as a memorable boulevard, with commercial nodes serving surrounding neighborhoods, while maintaining its current traffic travel lanes and capacity, with parking/vehicular lane switch—San José’s first such configuration—at peak hours, enabling provision of new protected cycle tracks, and rain gardens for water filtering.

Adopted 2017

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