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TDM Ordinance and East Of 101 Transportation Improvements

Employment in the East of 101 Area in the City of South San Francisco, which includes the largest concentration of biotechnology firms in the world, is increasing rapidly, creating traffic congestion and increasing commute times. Current projections indicate that this area could add as many as 25,000 employees over the next 20 years. Because virtually all of this land is under the San Francisco International Airport flight paths, residential uses are not permitted under the Airport Land Use Plan regulations. Congestion along Highway 101 and I-280 threatens growth of this industry that is vital to the Bay Area’s and the City’s economic future.

The City retained Dyett & Bhatia to prepare a citywide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Ordinance that includes tools such as performance-based floor area ratio incentives linked to alternative mode use requirements. The Ordinance also seeks development of an extensive shuttle system connecting employment areas to the two new BART stations, and the adjacent CalTrain station. In addition, a Transportation Plan for the area identifies several street improvements to relieve bottlenecks, and foster linkages between different parts of the East of 101 Area and the new transit stations. D&B also prepared an EIR on the Ordinance and the Transportation Plan.

Adopted 2001

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