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Tasman and Capitol Corridor Light Rail Land Use Integration, Santa Clara County, CA

The Tasman Light Rail stretches 7.5 miles from downtown Mountain View to the northern terminus of the Guadalupe Light Rail at Old Ironsides. The corridor includes eleven stations—six in Sunnyvale and five in Mountain View. The Tasman East segment extends light rail in an approximately five-mile segment to Milpitas, and includes six stations. Service along Tasman West began in December 1999, and along East in 2001.

This study, prepared by Dyett & Bhatia for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, is the first step in examining “before and after” land use conditions in the Tasman Corridor. Using a baseline of early 2000, the study examines land use, employment, and population in the corridor. In addition to providing an understanding of current conditions, information collected as part of this report will provide a benchmark to evaluate changes in the corridor over time, in order to better integrate land use and transportation. The Tasman West portion of the “before” study was completed in February 2001 and the East baseline completed in early 2003.


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