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South San Francisco General Plan and EIR

The General Plan provides a multi-pronged strategy to foster South San Francisco’s evolution from a manufacturing base to information and services, and development of strong, livable neighborhoods. Land uses, mixes, and development intensities are designed to capitalize on major regional transit improvements underway, and to promote alternative forms of transit.

The Plan has helped transform several square miles of warehousing and distribution uses in the East of 101 Area to technology uses, reinforcing the city’s position as the world’s largest hub of biotechnology establishments. High-intensity, mixed-use districts proposed near the (then planned) BART station have resulted in development of a new transit village.

Several years following the General Plan update, the City asked D&B to prepare General Plan and Zoning amendments and a full EIR for re-designating El Camino Real as a high-intensity mixed-use corridor; new developments are sprouting along the corridor in accordance with the plan and new form-based zoning.

Adopted 2000



APA California Chapter and Northern California Section Award for Comprehensive Planning (2000)

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