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Santana Row and Valley Fair Urban Master Plan

Santana Row represents perhaps the Bay Area’s largest successful example of a built-from-scratch high-intensity pedestrian-oriented mixed-use district. It has emerged as San José’s “second downtown”, a hugely popular retail and dining destination, and a residential district. Valley Fair, across Winchester Boulevard from Santana Row, is the largest mall in Silicon Valley.

The Santana Row/Valley Fair Urban Village Plan, led by Dyett & Bhatia for the City of San José, provides the framework for the next era of development of this pivotal district. The Urban Village Plan builds on the energy of Santana Row to revitalize and enhance connections to surrounding areas, outlines the framework for mid- and high-intensity new development, with building heights reaching 15 to 20 stories, and fosters a dynamic urban environment that embraces the creative workforce and urban living. Development will be supported by a future Bus Rapid Transit line, as well as new mid-block paseos and urban plazas.

The planning process was supported by community outreach that included two large community workshops and an online interactive, map-based community survey.

Adopted 2017

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