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San Pablo General Plan, EIR, and Housing Element

San Pablo’s General Plan establishes a new vision for the city, one that fosters mixed-use development along the city’s transportation corridors and enhances San Pablo’s environmental quality. The General Plan was prepared synergistically with the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan (also prepared by Dyett & Bhatia).

In addition to the usual General Plan elements, the San Pablo General Plan includes several optional elements. The Economic Development Element establishes policies to build a diversified job base, expand education and training, and develop regional attractions for the city.

The Health Element—winner of a National Award from the American Planning Association—promotes health and emotional well-being of San Pablo residents. San Pablo is one of first communities in the State to adopt a stand-alone Health Element for its General Plan. Key themes that provide the organizing framework for the element include:

  • Healthy Transportation and Physical Activity;

  • Healthy Food Access and Equity;

  • Access to Services and Planning for People First; and

  • Crime Reduction and Perceptions of Safety.

Adopted 2011



APA National Award of Achievement in Environmental Planning: San Pablo General Plan Health Element (2013)

APA Northern California Section Focused Issue Award: San Pablo General Plan Health Element (2012)

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