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Pleasanton Downtown Specific Plan Update

Dyett & Bhatia has been retained to update the City of Pleasanton’s Downtown Specific Plan. Today, Downtown Pleasanton is highly successful, with a vibrant mix of uses, community events, independent businesses, and historic homes. Significant new opportunities for the Downtown have emerged in recent years, as the City looks to relocate its civic center and redevelop over 10 acres just outside the historic core. The updated Specific Plan will provide guidance for this new opportunity area as well as ensure that smaller-scale infill contributes positively to the existing urban fabric. The Plan will focus on appropriate land use mix, context-sensitive urban design, transit proximity, and economic development. As part of the process, Dyett & Bhatia is leading a robust public outreach process involving pop-up events, online map-based surveys, traditional workshops, and a Task Force.

Adopted 2019

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