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Milpitas Transit Area Concept Plan, Specific Plan, Form-Based Code, and EIR

Dyett & Bhatia prepared the Specific Plan, EIR, and Zoning for the 437-acre area around two new light rail stations and the future BART station planned in Milpitas. The plan seeks to transform the area with higher intensity transit-oriented development, strengthen the City’s retail sector, and facilitate projects that give Milpitas greater regional identity. The plan accommodates up to 7,200 residential units (for a population of 17,000 new residents) —the largest planned residential development adjacent to a BART station in the Bay Area—a million square feet of office space, two hotels, and over 300,000 square feet of new retail space. The City has already approved over 2,000 housing units for construction, a vote of confidence by developers in the plan’s vision and resolution of logistical issues, and a response to the 2017 projected completion of the BART extension.

Adopted 2008



APA California Chapter Award of Merit (2009)

APA Northern California Chapter Award (2009)

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