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Mammoth Lakes Commercial Districts & Community Benefits

Through a grant from the Strategic Growth Council to focus on incorporating sustainability principles into the Zoning Code, the Town of Mammoth Lakes retained Dyett & Bhatia to evaluate the Town’s draft Commercial Zoning Districts regulations and make changes to incorporate form-based zoning standards that better meet the goals of the Zoning Code Update and prepare a Community Benefits Incentive Zoning Ordinance.

Guiding Dyett & Bhatia’s work were the following Zoning Code Update goals:

  • Promote Sustainability: To incorporate standards that promote sustainability of development in the Town and incorporate the goals, policies, and actions outlined in the General Plan.

  • Promote Quality and Design: To incorporate standards that improve development quality and design.

  • Improve Readability and Usability: To use charts, graphics, and illustrations to make the Code easier to read and to reorganize the material to group similar regulations together.

D&B is also worked with Design Workshop to update the Town’s Water Efficient Landscaping Standards to accommodate new State legislation and offer user-friendly, alternative compliance options that exceed state requirements.

Adopted 2012

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