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El Camino Real Mixed-use Zoning and Development Guidelines, South San Francisco, CA

Dyett & Bhatia prepared zoning regulations and development guidelines to implement the General Plan amendments (also prepared by D&B, along with a full EIR on the amendments).

The zoning regulations are designed to guide development of mixed-use projects with active frontages along El Camino Real, and include volumetric and bulk control to provide a streetwall while reducing perceived upper story bulk for taller buildings, and ensure transitions to adjacent single-family lots.

The Design Guidelines highlight and illustrate some of the major development standards applicable in the corridor, and provide additional design guidance through pictures, illustrations and qualitative guidelines. The Design Guidelines are intended to complement the mandatory development standards contained in the Zoning Ordinance. They provide a key tool to decision makers, City staff, project applicants, and the community to understand the design expectations that will be applied during design review and for granting Floor Area Ratio (FAR), density, and height bonuses.

The new regulations are resulting in the first higher density mixed-use projects along El Camino Real in South San Francisco.

Adopted 2010



APA Northern California Chapter Award of Merit (2011)

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