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Belmont Village Specific Plan, Zoning, and EIR

In early 2015, the City of Belmont retained Dyett & Bhatia to prepare a Specific Plan for the Belmont Village Priority Development Area (PDA). Belmont Village, located in the heart of the city at the intersection of Ralston Avenue and El Camino Real, represents Belmont’s primary opportunity for revitalization and creation of a true town center. Addressing urban design, streetscape improvements, and multimodal access and connectivity to the Caltrain station and nearby businesses and neighborhoods are the primary objectives of the plan. It includes a comprehensive implementation program, new development standards and design guidelines, and an infrastructure financing strategy. Pro forma analyses of prototypical development types ensure that the standards result in financially feasible projects.

The Public Review Draft Specific Plan was released in October 2016. A joint programmatic EIR on the Specific Plan and General Plan Update, is being prepared, to enable future projects to take full advantage of CEQA streamlining opportunities.

Adopted 2016

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