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Avondale City Center Specific Area Plan

The Avondale City Council adopted a Specific Plan prepared by Dyett & Bhatia for creating a new downtown in a greenfield area that currently has cotton fields. The Plan’s goal was to create a premier destination for shopping, restaurants and entertainment, with mixed use development to include hotels, higher density housing, and professional office space in a pedestrian-oriented environment. The Plan covers approximately 400 acres.

To achieve this vision, Dyett & Bhatia led a consultant team in addressing a number of policy and design issues: land use, urban design, circulation, public space, building form, public art, and parking strategies. The Plan establishes sub-areas within the study area, each defined by a more specific vision of land use and urban design, and form-based development policies, development standards and design guidelines specific to the sub-areas.

The Plan also includes infrastructure recommendations and an implementation plan to ensure that the vision will successfully be carried out. It provides a foundation for land entitlements and other land use regulations, future ordinance amendments, development incentives, and additional public investments.

Adopted 2009



APA Arizona Chapter Award, Master Plan Category (2009)

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