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Grantville Trolley Station Alvarado Creek Revitalization Study

The Grantville Trolley Station/Alvarado Creek Revitalization Study outlines an integrated, sustainable flood-control and development strategy to enable development of transit-oriented uses in a flood-prone 100-acre area around the Grantville Trolley Station in San Diego.

The project, led by Dyett & Bhatia for the City of San Diego, included preparation of a hydraulic model, and assessment of a variety of solutions for each reach of the creek, balancing fill, flooding, open spaces, and design and development guidelines, while naturalizing Alvarado Creek that flows in concrete channels. The study also identifies new connections to enhance mobility within the area and increase access to Grantville Station, new open spaces and recreational areas as amenities for residents, and restored wetlands and other natural areas. The project would enable transformation of this old industrial area into a vibrant community of over 1,000 homes in a mixed-use walkable setting, directly adjacent to transit, open spaces, and trails.

Adopted 2017



APA California Chapter San Diego Best Practice Award (2018)

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